Geocaching Bicycle Tour 30.08.2010

Ok, at this point it´s really time for a quick review and summary of our goCart-geoCaching-tour!

While the date and route were planned well in advance, only a handful of goCart members managed to join. Starting the tour with a train ride to Berlin-Wannsee, the first target was a geocache at Kleistgrab (Grave of Kleist), only five bicycle-minutes from Wannsee train station. After finding this cache quite easily the group – namely Stefanie, MartinG, MartinK & MartinV at that time – was highly motivated to discover more. MartinF joined them at Potsdam-Griebnitzsee, the official starting point of the tour. This was also the location of the 2nd geocache, a so-called quiz cache that required some thinking and calculating to figure out the exact coordinates. Unfortunately the position was in the opposite direction of our planned route, so that we skipped that one and headed for the next one instead.
Potsdam-Babelsberg turned out to be a good spot for geocaches, because we found three more along the way to Schloss Glienicke and Glienicker Brücke! There are a lot more of them, but we didn´t have time to look for all of them. We were already well behind our timetable…
Passing more of Potsdam´s sights and attractions – like Neuer Garten, Heiliger See and Schloss Cecilienhof –  we came to Nedlitz/Neufahrland, where we were unable to find another geocache at Brücke des Friedens. After some distance of cycling around Krampnitzsee, Lehnitzsee and Jungfernsee,  the Heilandskirche in Sacrow unveiled the 5th geocache on our trophy list. To keep the excitement at a high level, MartinF came up with a flat tire, so we stopped in Sacrow to make use of MartinV´s repair kit. 30 minutes later we were moving again, towards the next geocache in a forest just before Kladow. While the late lunch near the ferry station was a pleasure, Kladow´s geocaches were not: we searched for two more but couldn´t find them, before we took the (last?) ferry back to Wannsee.
Returning to Berlin around 7:30pm, everybody was happy about such an amusing day and a total of 6 geocaches found. And although the weatherforecast had predicted some scattered rains during the day, the only water we could see was the vast and beautiful landscape of the Havel river… Thanks everybody for the nice time!>>   weiterlesen