Tägliche Archive: 19. Juli 2010

goCart board launched

After the launch of our website, we can present you the next step in „connecting cartography“ – our board, for discussions, questions and announcements on our most loved themes: cartography and geo in general. If you like to talk with other people about a GIS-project, about pros and contras of Web-Cartography or like to find people for a geocaching-tour, please join us and feel free to write as much as you want.
We would like to keep the board english-speaking, to stay attractive for our international members.
If you think there is something missing here, we have a board just for wishes and criticism.
Sometimes, if there are announcements in the board, we think to be interesting for many other people too, we might write an article on it for the website. Of course we will reference the author.>>   weiterlesen